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Related article: Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2001 10:11:00 EST From: Subject: After School Treat In High School, like everybody, I hated gym class. It wasn't just the physical exertion or the inconvenience of having to get all sweaty in the middle of the day, however, that made me dislike it so much. From a very early age I found myself curious about other men's bodies. A natural curiosity in many ways but as I got older the curiosity developed into something more. Like other kids going through puberty I occasionally "borrowed" one of my dad's playboys and checked out the pictures. I found the pictures of the women to be interesting but found myself always drawn to the photo spreads that featured men and women having sex. I loved to see a man's hard cock getting sucked while he moaned with pleasure for the camera. Or better yet, a picture of a man standing in front of a woman ready to penetrate her. It was those pictures that I enjoyed the most. To see a man excited like that about to experience the most extreme pleasure, his hard cock dripping with pre-cum, a look of anticipation on his face - those were the pictures that made my own cock start to rise in my pants. And it was easy to put a pillow over the half of the picture that had the woman in it as I lay there stroking my cock looking at the man with the look of pleasure on his face and imagining that he was standing in front of me, ready to place his beautiful cock on mine. When I was sixteen, this desire was in full bloom. My eyes wandered to men's crotches whenever I could see one that looked interesting and my dick would respond instantaneously. Sitting in class, watching the guy next to me adjust himself so that the bulge in his jeans became a beautiful mound of hidden pleasure I found my own cock straining against my own jeans, pushing its way down the leg of my boxers so that it's outline in my jeans was clear. It was embarrassing but easy enough to hide there. In gym class, however, there was no hiding. When we had to undress for gym class I tried as best I could to avert my eyes from the display of manhood before me. I tried to think about anything but sex to keep my dick from getting hard and most of the time it worked. When it didn't I usually was able to put my gym clothes on in time so that the other guys couldn't see. It was a serious game that I had to prepare myself for. But nothing was more difficult than after gym class: The Shower. In the shower there was no escape. There was a hundred feet between the shower and my locker. If I started to get hard in there, there would be no hiding it. By the time I could make it back to my locker the whole class would have seen it. The showers in our gym class were just a row of showerheads and a cement floor with drain holes. At the entrance to the shower area was the gym teacher's office that had windows on three sides so that he could see both the shower area and the locker room. From the shower, through the windows, you could see the locker room area. I had a great view of the whole thing but I was exposed on all sides. I don't know how but most of the time I was able to control my easily excited cock. Standing there with the water washing down my body, watching the other guys enter and exit the shower area their dicks slapping against their legs as they walked, thick bushes of newly grown hair starting to trial up to their stomachs I had to pretend that I was somewhere else. I looked as much as I could, comparing the sizes and shapes of the various cocks in my view, some short and pointing outward, others long and lazy bouncing against a sagging ball sack - it was all beautiful to me. But as soon as I found myself looking too hard or too long I would look away, think of my next class or the paper I was supposed to write. It usually worked. When it didn't, I was always able to make it back to my locker before my cock was sticking straight out. Sometimes my shower only lasted about a minute but each time I felt a small victory. Nonude Preteen In my fantasies the locker room became a replacement for those playboys. Now I had a whole assortment of bodies to retrieve from my memory as I lay in my bed at night stroking my dick, imagining that James or Bill or Trevor or whoever would catch my eye and help me with my problem. I imagined what their dicks would look like hard. I imagined how they would feel in my hand. I even imagined what they might taste like. As I stroked my cock I imagined that they were lying next to me stroking too. It was beautiful and exciting and it seemed to relieve the tension enough to make it through the next day's gym class. One Friday, I went to the locker room to get my gym clothes to take them home to be washed. It was after school and I was sixteen, driving by then, and I had stayed after a little to talk to a friend of mine so I was glad that the locker room was still open. There was nobody there so I wanted to get my stuff and get out as soon as possible so that I wouldn't get locked in. I ran to my locker, got my clothes and made my way toward the door. As I passed the teacher's office, however, I noticed that someone was inside, in a tiny shower room behind the office. It was dark back there but I could see the body of a man in the shower. As I stood there staring I realized that it was my gym teacher. He was an attractive man in his mid thirties or early forties and I could tell from how he looked in his gym clothes that he was in great shape. I stood there transfixed, staring at his body, trying to make out what it looked like through the darkness. Suddenly I became flushed, realizing that I might get caught Nonude Preteen and headed for the door. As I walked down the hallway a sense of desire and curiosity overwhelmed me. I might never get this opportunity again, I told myself, and soon enough found myself walking back toward the locker room. As I walked back through the door past his office he was just coming out of the shower into his office area. He was still naked but drying his hair with a towel. I smiled at him and he smiled back not seeming to mind that I was there. I went to my locker and pretended to be getting my clothes. From my locker I could see Mr. Herrick drying himself off. I had never seen a grown man naked in the flesh before and I was mesmerized. His muscled chest and stomach were covered with light brown hair. As he bent over to dry his strong legs I noticed how beautiful and round his ass was and as he stood up rubbing the towel between his legs I got a good look at his dick. About four inches soft it rested against his balls giving the illusion that it was hard though as he dried the area off I could tell that he wasn't. I was not in the same boat. Realizing that I had seen as much as I could have dared, I made a hasty retreat for the door. As I walked past his office, however, I heard his voice calling out to me. "You got your jockstrap?" His voice was like music to me. "Yeah", I said, turning around to once again face this naked god. "Just checking. You'd be surprised how many guys take their clothes home but never wash their jockstrap." "No, I got it", I said stammering trying my hardest not to stare at his dick but failing miserably. My own cock was straining in my pants. Thank god I had worn briefs that day. "You're Nonude Preteen like me," He said standing there unashamed. "We need jockstraps cuz our balls are so big. Most of the guys in here don't need to bother." I was numb. I couldn't believe what he was saying. I couldn't believe even more that he had looked at my balls. My cock flinched in my jeans but I tried to stay calm. "Yeah", I managed lamely. "I'm sorry," he said, "I just happened to notice." "That's o.k." I said. "So did I". He laughed. "I can see that. It's o.k.. It's natural to look. Hell I have to see it all day long. I don't even think about it. Sorry if I embarrassed you." "No. Not at all", I said lying. He wrapped his towel around his waist. My heart broke. I could tell our conversation was over and that he wanted to get going but I couldn't make myself leave. "Is there something else?" he asked, tucking the top of his towel underneath his belly button. "No", I stammered. I should probably get going. "Don't be embarrassed", he said. It's ok to be curious. "You've never seen a man naked before, have you?" I started to shake. "No", I blushed. "Not even your dad?" "Yeah", I admitted. "I have seen him." "Seemed pretty big to you, didn't it?" "Yeah", I said, still shaking. "I know when I first saw my dad's I thought I was so small. Don't worry. You'll catch up." "Good", I said. "Not that it looks like you have much to worry about. You're almost as big as me now." "You think so?" I asked, my anticipation growing. "Yours looks so much thicker." "Maybe thicker but yours is just as long. Of course it's different when you have an erection. Some guys who look really big when they're soft don't get much bigger when they get hard. And other guys who look small when they're soft can get huge when they're hard. It's the only way to really compare." "Mine gets pretty big", I said, disbelieving that I was having this conversation or that I was being so bold. Mr. Herrick took his towel off and regarded his limp dick. He put his finger out about seven inches from the base of his cock. "Mine gets about this big", he said. Not thinking, I unzipped my pants and retrieved my swollen cock from my pants. "Mine gets this big", I said, not looking at him. He moved closer to me and I could feel the steam from the shower coming from his body. "Wow", he said. "That's nice." A drop of pre-cum dangled from my swollen head and unconsciously I touched it with my finger and rubbed it on the underside of my cock. "Thanks", I said. "It gets hard a lot." "At your age it's always hard", he said. "When you get to be my age you have to work at it." He laughed. But I could tell that he didn't need to work too hard. His cock, which once rested against his balls, was pointing slightly upwards. A little more swollen than before, bobbing up and down as the blood rushed to fill it. "Does this make you uncomfortable?" he asked, his cock still rising as I continued to rub the pre-cum on my cock. "No", I admitted. "It's nice." He moved closer, the tip of his cock just a half an inch away from mine. He was completely hard now. "Feels good to rub it, doesn't it?" He said. "Yeah," I said, in another world. Nonude Preteen "Rubbing the pre-cum on the tip of your cock like that. You do that long enough your balls start to ache." He said. "They already do," I admitted. "Do you ever play with your balls when you jack off?" he asked backing off slightly. "Yeah," I said, stroking slowly. He moved back and rested his ass on the edge of his desk. "Play with them for me," he said. I spread my legs apart and let my heavy balls dangle between them. I took my left hand and cupped my balls and pulled on them gently. With my right hand I continued to stroke the pre cum on the tip of my cock. While he watched Mr. Herrick's cock appeared to get even harder. He wasn't touching himself and I admired his control. "You like looking at my cock, don't you?" he said regarding his own swollen dick. "Yeah", I said. "It's nice." "I can feel the pre cum running down my shaft," he said. "Can you see it?" "Yeah," I said. "It must feel good to rub it on your cock like that," he said, regarding me intently. "It does," I stammered. "Real good." A large drop of pre-cum dangled from the head of his cock and started rolling down the shaft. "I can feel that," he said, spreading his legs a little wider. "You want to touch me don't you?" "Yes," I said quickly, afraid the moment was not Nonude Preteen real -- thinking that at any moment I would wake up and find myself alone in bed. "Go ahead," He said. "I don't mind." I made my way over to his desk and stood there almost paralyzed. My cock was so hard and not touching it made it hurt. I lifted my finger and touched the tip of his cock where a new drop of pre-cum had formed. Slowly I let my finger follow the trail of pre- cum down the shaft of his cock and back up again to the tip. He looked at me intently and let out a soft sigh. "It does feel good," he said. "You must have had a lot of practice." "On myself," I said, still rubbing my finger along his cock. "Never like this." "No, I don't imagine," He said. He stood up slowly as I continued to rub his cock. By now my own cock was dripping with pre-cum and aching for attention. He moved closer until our cock heads were touching and the sensation made me moan with pleasure. Without a word I stopped rubbing his cock and allowed him to move even closer. I could smell the soap on his body and could feel the heat of his cock and his chest as he embraced me and rested his head on my shoulder. Our cocks were well lubricated and the sensation of his cock against mine was the most pleasurable thing I had ever felt. Slowly our hips began to move back and forth in rhythm causing the pleasure to build to an almost intolerable level. "You like this?" he asked and I moaned my response. "Good," he said. "Me too." I felt his breath Nonude Preteen on my neck as he spoke and it felt so wonderful. As his lips moved I felt them brush against my neck and then my earlobe causing me to thrust my cock faster against his. "You've got a beautiful cock," he said. "I've wanted to touch it for so long. When I see you in your shorts in class.that bulge. And then I watch you undress and I want to touch it so bad. Sometimes after class I lock my door and stroke myself and imagine that it's you stroking me.rubbing your hand against my cock and I can look at your beautiful naked body." I came within an instant of shooting my load on his stomach but he pulled away and moved his head to my chest letting his tongue touch the tip of my right nipple, circling around it and then turning his attention to the left. I never imagined that this could feel so good. I arched my back as he continued and involuntarily spread my legs apart allowing my swollen balls to hang free. He noticed my movement and cupped my balls with his hand as he continued to suck on my nipples. His index finger rubbed beneath my balls and tickled my hole sending shivers throughout my body. Sensing how close I was, he pulled away and grabbed the towel from his desk and laid it on the floor. He knelt in front of me and I could feel his hot breath on my cock. "I've never done this before," he said as he kissed the tip of my cock head then licked a drop of pre-cum. "I want to know what it feels like to have you inside me. I want to feel your cum go down my throat. I know you're close. Don't hold back. I need you inside me like I've never needed anything else." He opened his mouth and slowly made his way down my cock shaft, gagging slightly then pulling back letting my cock fall out of his mouth. He returned to it hungrier than before, engorging my cock with his warm wet mouth. I could feel the tip of my cock against the back of his throat but he kept it in there like he needed it to survive. Once again he removed my cock from his mouth and regarded it for a second, licking the tip in appreciation. As he lapped at my cock head I could feel a pressure building in my balls. With my cock resting on his tongue I shot my load unexpectedly, the cum shooting into his mouth, on his lips and across his cheek. Hungrily, he lapped the cum from his lips and once again took my cock in his mouth, milking the last drops of cum from my balls.He continued to suck as I gradually Nonude Preteen got soft and I could see him stroking his own dick as he ate my cock. After a minute he stood up and continued to stroke his dick in front of me. "Next time you're going to suck my cock," he said and I nodded my agreement. "I want you to taste my cock," he said. "I want you to know how wonderful it tastes having me cum in your mouth." As he continued to stroke I lowered myself to the towel, kneeling in front of him as he stroked his cock. "I'm going to cum," he said. "Cum on my face," I pleaded and he obliged, shooting his load onto my lips and across my face. I licked his cum from my lips and tasted the warm salty sweetness and let it linger on my tongue. I knew this wasn't the last time I would taste his cum but I wanted to remember the first time for as long as I could.
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